The world of VIP is inhabited by an army of supernatural denizens, all lurking in the shadows of the mortal world. Their ways and habits are often at odds with the ambitious agendas of vampire kind, but behind their clashes with the Court of Lancaster, each of them has a story to tell.

Our XIP games are there to tell those stories. They are also a chance to break free from the mold of our routine, experimenting with new formats and new kinds of stories.



Demons In Public: The White Rooms


The White Rooms are infamous. A private members club in the heart of metropolitan London, they cater exclusively to the power-brokers of London society, the men and women who can make or break any career in politics, business or entertainment. The club is also at the centre of some bizarre rumours. Anyone who’s anyone will at some point be accused of gaining their power by illicit means, but the buzz has it that the members of the White Rooms gain their influence from unnatural, even diabolical sources.

You happen to know the rumours are all true. Except that the members aren’t exactly… people.

You are a demon, an infernal underling walking the mortal world in stolen, corrupted skin. For a brief time, as long as this fragile flesh will bear your presence, you get to witness the gaudy glamour of 1989 through the eyes of some poor fool who offered themselves up for possession. Some may have even got something in return, though few mortals know enough to even comprehend the true price of their bargain.

The White Rooms will soon be hosting an auction, invitation-only, promising a tantalizing catalogue of rare antiquities and powerful artefacts.

By one means or another, you’ve secured an invitation to the action. A few items in the catalogue have caught your eye; either to attain for your own purposes or simply to keep away from your rivals. It takes a keen eye and a calculating mind to stay ahead in circles such as yours, and you anticipate a few surprises are in store.

OOC Details
Demons In Public was a one-day LRP event which ran on Lancaster University campus, on Sunday 29th January (university term 2, week 2) from noon until the evening.

You can find out more about demons in the Abandoned Story setting here. Costume and phys-rep suggestions can be found here. Players will be able to request which type of demon they would like to play.

Demons In Public will be the 4th offering of X.I.P, games exploring the Abandoned Story setting beyond the world of vampires. This game has been kindly commissioned by and will be run with the help of Jonathan Holding and Laura Eyre.



Hunters In Public: Midsummer Eve 

It’s midsummer, 1965. The Cold War is drawing to a close, so they say, but the world remains blind to the war you wage. It’s better that way. You share the burden with the others who’ve tumbled into the ugly underbelly of the world, keeping the rest of the world free from the stain of the supernatural. Maybe that way, one day, you’ll have a life that’s pure and innocent to go back to.

One day.

Today, you have a job to do. You are a sworn member of the Birmingham Saints, the largest network of hunters in the UK. It’s the longest day of the year, and that means the shortest night – the best day to strike at the vermin who call themselves vampires. After months of meticulous planning, your team’s raid on a Manchester haven went off with perfect precision, but when a dangerous discovery was made in the beast’s basement, your cell was forced to go to ground until backup can arrive. Now it’s just a matter of making it through the night.

Hunters In Public was our third XIP game, and was commissioned by one of our players who contributed very generously to the VIP start-up fund that made this website possible. It ran on June 4th 2016 for 10 players.


Ouija board 2Ghosts In (Mostly) Public: The Night Before Christmas

The Kaylockes of Rochester have been students of the occult for centuries. Their isolated manor in the wilds of Northumbria is home to an extensive library of forbidden lore, and has seen great feats of arcane power over the ages that it has stood – but it is also a site of great tragedy. No mortal can dabble in the shadow realm without paying a price.

The ancestors of the present generation linger just past the veil of death, trapped in the cold and silent twilight between the world of the living and the undiscovered country of what lies beyond. Some remain as watchers and guardians, others with bitterness and regret. One thing binds them all; that they move through a world they can move through, occasionally touch – but never leave.

On Christmas eve of 2015, the family are gathering for the usual festivities – when something happens that threatens to change things forever, for both the living and the dead.

Ghosts in Public was our second XIP game, and was commissioned by one of our players at an RP Charity auction. It ran in February 2016 for 14 players.


Werewolves In Public: A St. Patrick’s Day WeddingWIP Logo

On the 17th of March 1920, Lancaster Cathedral was witness to a wedding, bringing together two very unusual families. Werewolves are rare in England, with most of the kind preferring the remote wilds of Scotland and Ireland. But the Prestige of Lancaster lived a different sort of life, embracing the new world of commerce and modern convenience.

The Shaw pack of Drogheda, brought low by poverty and divided by internal strife, faced a similar division between those who clung to the old ways and those who looked for a new life, leading William Shaw to bring his wife and children over from Ireland to settle in the Lancashire village of Galgate. When his son fell in love with the oldest daughter of the Prestige Alpha, their marriage seemed to promise a peaceful and happy future for both packs.

But when the young daydreamer Mary Shaw lent her new sister-in-law her ‘something borrowed’, a cherished adder-stone pendant, it brought down the attention of a mischievous spirit whose interfering threatened to destroy both the marriage and alliance.

Werewolves In Public was the first ever XIP and ran in March 2013. It was a one-day event run in Lancaster for 20 players.

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