Vampires in Public

Vampires In Public is a modern-day LARP game of supernatural horror which runs through Lancaster University Roleplaying Society.

The game is set in the hidden world of vampires, hidden from the sight of mainstream society and protected by the myth that vampires, werewolves, and all the other monsters, do not exist. As members of the vampiric court of Lancaster, our characters are live in a world of intrigue, magic and mystery.

VIP has been running in Lancaster since the 90’s in various iterations and under several ref teams. Originally written by Jim Sefton, the game was conceived as a LARP set in White Wolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade setting, and was submitted to White Wolf for this purpose. Thanking Sefton for his submission, White Wolf explained they already had a similar LARP system in the making but gave permission for the game to be run under a different name, with the in-character terms changed. Thus, VIP was born, and has been developing ever since. Versions of the game are still being run elsewhere in the country to this day.

Set in Lancaster, running in modern day, VIP is a deeply immersive and detailed game world for the players to explore and influence with a vast array of powers, skills and secrets. But explorers should beware; it is a world governed by ancient traditions, powerful magics and deadly politics.

VIP runs once a fortnight during university term-time alternating between social court sessions and action-driven linears, and operatives a monthly downtime system.

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