Trinity Falls

Welcome to the Future

Introducing the latest LARP from The Abandoned Story, coming in October 2018: Trinity Falls.

More information to come!

Week 14 Release – Player Pitch

Check out our timeline of events here: Week 16 Release – The Beginning

Information on Kairos Technologies, the company behind Trinity Falls: Week 18 Release – Kairos Technologies

An IC leaflet from 6BE advertising the facility: Week 18 Release – Pamphlet

Our basic system document, including the information from week 16 release: System v1.0

Information about life currently in the Facility is here: The Facility in Play

Learn how to write a successful downtime, with our guide on How to Write a Successful Downtime.

We hope to have a full rulebook available soon, including a more comprehensive guide to character creation and other useful information!

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