About Us

We are a LARP group based in Lancaster. Though we have been working together creatively for eight years, we founded The Abandoned Story in 2015 after a holiday in Brittany made one of us feel creatively ambitious.

We are both keen LARPers and enjoy roleplay in all sorts of other forms, and we love reffing together.


Ref Profile Pic

Lucie is a world-class diamond thief. Re-located to Lancaster as part of the witness protection scheme in 2006, Lucie immediately immersed herself in the world of roleplaying as a creative outlet for her genius skills of deception and her deep-seated sadistic streak. Still on the FBI top 10 wanted list, Lucie keeps a low profile around Lancaster, sharing a safe-house with notorious cult leader and dark wizard known only to police and press alike as ‘Mr. Slee’; and criminal mastermind trapped in the body of a cat, Brandy.



Fel Rune Halberra


Kirsty is a re-incarnated Valkarie dating back to the 8th Century AD. When not selecting those of the fallen to usher into Valhalla, her hobbies include watercolours, stamp-collecting and giving names the french bread in supermarket delis. Her favorite stamps are ones stuck to the undersides of household electronics. Her favorite flavor of crisps is pickled onion.

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